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Master Floral Design

This course mainly focuses on advanced floral designs. It covers everything you need to prepare yourself with the new trends in the ever-growing market. It enhances understanding and creativity by mastering contemporary techniques and design mechanics.  Our  vast experience in both class and field work will enable you to progress rapidly in your floral career and establish yourself as a true professional.

This program is suitable for:

Professional florists and other industry professionals in the wedding, corporate and special event businesses. This advanced knowledge will help them to expand their techniques to be able to offer clients the sophisticated and contemporary designs that command high end clients.

Design training or work experience is required to enroll in this Program.  Master  Floral Design certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the Program.

Fee:  Ksh 10,000

Duration: 1 Week

Time: Day, Evening and Saturdays Classes available

Course Content

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

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