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Professional Flower Arrangement Program

This is a general flower arrangement course. Here you learn how to arrange or create flower arrangements of different designs and styles for different occasions.

Main flower arrangements to learn:

Other things to expect:


The only requirement for this course is passion

Fee: Ksh 17,500 or USD 180

Registration fee: Ksh 1,000 or USD 10

Duration: 30 hrs/2 Weeks

Time: Day,evening,Saturday and Home training program available

Terms and Conditions:

  1. A student is supposed to bring flowers and floral foams other training materials are provided by the school.
  2. Fee is be paid in full or two installments.
  3. All payments are done either by Pay bill number or deposited direct to school bank account. Cash is not allowed.
  4. You can ask for the payment details once you are ready.