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Event Business Management

This course has thirteen modules. It is suitable for event professionals such wedding planners, event planners, floral and decor specialists and those aspiring to join event industry.

In this course, you will be able to learn about

Client consultations

Quotes and orders

Contracts and agreements

Venue relations and procedures

Transportation and insurance

Inventory buying and renting

Effective website design and content

Marketing and networking

Pricing strategies

Social media marketing

Trade shows

Effective portfolio

Fee:  Ksh 15,000 or USD 160

Registration fee: Ksh 1,000 or USD 10

Duration: 30 hrs/2Week

Time: Day, Evening, Saturdays and online classes available


Due to COVID19 pandemic , we are offering this course at @ Ksh 3,750/USD 40. Enroll and start immediately. Utilize your time at home,do something that will bear fruits thereafter.There will be life to live after Corona Virus.

Anyone who enrolls for this course will get 50% discount on Professional flower arrangement and Wedding floral design courses after COVID 19.


We shall send you all the study manuals.

We have 13 modules which you will  cover in 2 Weeks. We shall be sending you one module every day.

In case of any question or discussion, engage us on WhatsApp. Our instructor will be available to guide or answer you.

Terms and Conditions.

  1. Fee is be paid in full
  2. All payments are done either by Pay bill number or deposited direct to school bank account.
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Account: 440001496565

Direct deposit to Co-operative bank account 01192733513300