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Online course in Event Business Management


We have introduced E-Learning through Whatsapp as a Teaching and Learning tool.
WhatsApp class is an innovative idea to learn from wherever you are.

Our course is  uniquely designed. Students have the freedom to study according to their own schedules. Students can choose to have classrooms wherever they want, so long as there is an internet connection.  A student will be send the study manual/notes after every two days. Students communicate with their instructors through through whatsapp just in case of anything.

The course is led by qualified instructors who guide and support students throughout course . In addition, students receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from the instructors. 

The course Takes 1 month long and comprises 13 modules of study (one per two days). Students take a test at the end of training on material covered in the course. Students should expect to dedicate about 1 hour to 2 hours per day to each module.


All work for a specific learning module must be completed within that learning day, however, students can decide when to complete their work, and there is no specific time at which the student must be logged on to study. There are a series of tasks that students are required to complete each week. 

Final Exam:

The final exam period starts on Monday of Week 4 and ends on Thursday. It's a one day exam, therefore a student can choose any day between Monday and Thursday to sit the exam. The format of the exam may contain a combination of question types. Students will have one attempt to pass the exam, which is graded. Specific instructions on preparing for and taking the final exam will be provided during week 3. Final exams are taken without the presence of any course learning materials.


It is important to understand the aspects of your business. This course has been designed to help our students to learn and understand the event decorating industry. Students will learn the importance of professionalism and excellent business skills.

This is a class that anyone who intends to run an event business must take. Being a great designer is wonderful, but if you don’t know how to run your business and price correctly, it can become a disaster. Join this class and experience something different!

Course Outline

Module 1:  Introduction to Business Practices & Procedures
Module 2:  Client Consultations
Module 3:  Quotes & Orders
Module 4: Contracts & Agreements
Module 5: Venue Relations & Procedures
Module 6: Transportation & Insurance
Module 7: Inventory Buying & Renting
Module 8:  Effective Web-site Design & Content
Module 9:  Marketing & Networking
Module 10:  Pricing Strategies
Module 11:  Social Media Networking
Module 12:  Trade Shows
Module 13:  Effective Portfolio


Fee : KSH 10,000 (USD 100)

Registration fee Ksh 1,000(USD10)

Duration: 1 month( 4 Weeks)

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